The world as we know it is changing drastically and we need to, collectively, either keep up or fall behind.

Video Conferencing is becoming a vital tool in everyday life, as the most valuable aspect of life is time, and video conferencing allows one to be anywhere at any time. Each day we are challenged to get all tasks done and more often than not we are thrown curve balls which require us to be more flexible.

Olipro can provide full access to video conferencing solutions as well as end-to-end full boardroom collaborative solutions.

From displays, speakers, interactive boards and video conferencing, we have the skills required to design, implement, advise and install these solutions with the aim of making your meeting spaces more efficient and user-friendly.

Our cloud-based virtual meeting rooms allow one to communicate with others via tablet, laptop, Android, IOS or room-based systems across the globe. This allows seamless multiparty video communication which brings the real look and feel of a face-to-face meeting to where ever you may be in the world.